Table of contents + Important remarks.

Paulus Wieland playing the Bozo guitar. Photo taken by Richard Neumöller during the composing of the song Maître Satori.

These are the subjects you will find on this blog:

February 28, 2009 - Ensemble Pittoresque: For This Has Past (the story of Ensemble Pittoresque). Updated 08-11-2009.

February 27, 2009 - Ensemble Pittoresque: Additional information.

November 2008 - The correct lyrics and credits of “The Art of Being” album. Updated 05-29-2009.

October 2008 - The correct lyrics and credits of the “For This is Past” album.

August 2008 - Warning when buying the “For This is Past” re-release.

For those who visit this blog for the first time some points I mention hereafter may give the impression of being on a site concerning legal issue’s rather than being on a blog about a techno-pop band and some points might even be a little confusing too, but if you read through this blog these issues and the reason why I mention them here will, I think, be clarified.

Keeping in mind what has happened these past years I think it is wise to state that:
-Outside of this blog I only made public comments concerning Ensemble Pittoresque issues on six other places: on the “Frequenz” page of the “Phoenix Hairpins” blog which still resides there, on four reviews of either “The Art of Being” release or the “For This is Past” re-release, shortly commenting these releases and combining them with a link to my blog and on the Discogs pages of these albums doing the same thing. In case of the reviews either my comment/link- or the review as a whole was removed and on the respective Discogs album pages my comments can only be found in the "history" of the album info edits. Furthermore, for some reason I never got an answer on, Discogs only allowed to place a link to this blog on my name page.
-To minimize the risk that in the future someone is taken seriously again by claiming to be my personal representative in handling my business/creative affairs (see aug.'08 and nov.'08) or even as being myself, Paulus Wieland (see aug. '08), I will from now on only write/react publicly on this blog and personally (on questions, reactions and other correspondence) from this e-mail address: epsandns@gmail.com.

None of the songs/compositions that are available on the internet as a download or in streaming form, presented under the name of “Ensemble Pittoresque” or under my name “Paulus Wieland” (or any other name for that matter), have been placed there by me. Therefore I cannot vouch for the quality, the correctness of its titles and/or other information given and even if they really are true Ensemble Pittoresque songs and/or songs and compositions that I wrote before, after or outside of Ensemble Pittoresque (some may be a hoax). If I would make songs/compositions I (co) wrote available in any of the aforementioned ways anywhere, I would explicitly mention it here on this blog.

I often refer on my blog to the ensemblepittoresque.net/theartofbeing.info site. On the moment I write this Richard Neumöller and Ton Willekes discontinued their site but it could very well be that at the time you read this they continued it again and maybe even with (again) alterations in the text and content. Alterations on their Clogsontronics site might have been made (again) too. It would take far too much time for me to check that regularly and, if necessary, each time make alterations on this blog accordingly.

To possibly prevent disgraceful releases such as "The Art of Being" album and the "For This is Past" re-release, I registered the Ensemble Pittoresque songs and compositions I (co) wrote in 2009 at the Dutch copyright organization BUMA-STEMRA and with that handed business matters in that field over to them.
Therefore publishing work I (co) wrote in arrangement with parties that do NOT represent me (like the current Clogsontronics label and the ensemblepittoresque.net/theartofbeing.info site) could have unexpected consequences.